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Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong

Gunung Korbu and Gunung Gayong - Advance Day Hike

Mount Korbu  or Gunung Kerbau is located in Perak, Malaysia. It is the highest peak of the Titiwangsa Range, the southernmost section of the Tenasserim Hills. The Mount Korbu is also the second highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia (7th in Malaysia), standing at 2,183 metres (7162 feet).  Mount Gayong is standing at 2173 metres (7129 feet) is the fourth highest in Peninsular (9th in Malaysia) is also located in the Titiwangsa Range.

An average climber would need at least four days and three nights for a return trip to Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong. Thus, a reasonable level of physical fitness is required to conquer Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong and it is strongly not recommended for first timer, amateur or beginner climbers. A local guide is needed to scale this mountain as the route is unmarked or poorly marked hence, making the climbers getting lost easily.

Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong can be hiked from Kinta Dam (Empangang Sultan Azlan Shah), Kinta or from Blue Valley Dam, Cameron Highlands. If starting from the Kinta Dam, valid hiking permit from Forestry Department and Kinta Dam entrance approval from Perak Water Department are compulsory. However, these documents are not required if starting from the Blue Valley Dam (Trans V1 – Mount Yong Belar, Mount Gayong and Mount Korbu). The approval from LAP is necessary if drive in to the trail head otherwise, orang asli ride (motorcycle) can be engaged at RM25 per person for one way. The orang asli will be waiting at the stalls near the dam entrance. The road from the dam entrance to the trailhead which is about 8km is well tarred enabling sedan car to drive in.

Pushing the limit is my passion thus my 2012’s wildest hiking dream is to conquer Mount Korbu and mount Gayong within a day. The target was to complete the round trip hiking within 18 hours. It’s tough, crazy, impossible and possibly stupid but, my calculation clearly showed otherwise.

Many says it is impossible and no one ever done it before (not sure about this). Too many river crossings, steep climbs, bad weather (raining session) and many other warnings were said and given. The river might swell making impossible to cross thus bring extra food, dry cloths and rope is a mandatory. But again…

The team members are
1.         Munintaran Sundram (Leader)
2.         Charles Frew
3.         Subramaniam Ponnuvelu
4.         Prem Kumar Ramadas
5.         Foo Kam Miew
6.         Tan Zhi Hng

Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong Profiles

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The Start - Car Park 05:10 
The Team

Mount Korbu from Botak Hill

Mount Gayong from Botak Hill

The Mount Korbu Summit with Charles, Subra and Prem (Foo and Tan not in the picture)

Mount Gayong

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Advance day hike- completed within 14 hours.
The Time Splits

Start at 05:10 (3rd November 2012)
Camp Seroja: 3:03'27" Rest - 12'16"
Camp Kijang: 44'27"; Rest - 10'56"
Botak Hill: 1:18'51"; Rest - 3'33"
Korbu: 51'51"; Rest - 8'46"
Total Time is 6:25'22"
Gayong: 1:10'20"; Rest - 26'10" {Total – 8:10'38"}

Korbu: 1:11:56; Rest - 14'14"
Botak Hill: 46'14"; Rest - 6'19"
Camp Kijang: 52'08"; Rest - 7'29"
Camp Seroja: 46'50"; Rest - 3'11"
END 1:40'58"
Total Time is 5:49'21

END at 19:00 (3rd November 2012)

The success of conquering both Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong has earned the team member the title of "EDHS – Extreme Day Hiker Specialist".

EDHS has broken the mind barrier and making it possible for other hikers who endure the speed to attempt and to conquer the toughest mountain to scale in Malaysia by day hike.

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Forestry Department
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Penolong Pegawai Hutan Daerah
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Perak DR  (Tel: 05-3661228; Fax: 05-3651679)

Lembaga Air Perak
Pengurus Besar LAP (Att: Hj. Ishak Abdul Rahman)
Lembaga Air Perak
Jalan St John
30200 Ipoh Perak 

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